Elevating community development.

Discover how our capacity-building programs enable communities to take ownership of clean energy projects to survive, adapt, and thrive .

Learn with us

Safety Fundamentals

Acquire a strong foundation in safety best practices and essential principles of construction and renewable technologies.

Hands-on Training

Gain practical experience through hands-on training sessions, mastering the art of solar installation and maintenance.

Industry Recognition

Obtain recognized certifications, validating technical expertise and ensuring adherence to international standards.

Our Mission.

Connect with communities in marginalized nations throughout the Global South to train, build and maintain renewable technologies that advance their economy.

Explore Our Commitment


 Equip local workforce with the knowledge and skills to understand renewable technologies.


Support the construction and installation of renewable energy systems within communities.


Empower marginalized communities to create renewable energy maintenance jobs that advance local economies.

​Our​ initiatives focus on equipping communities with the tools and resources to become self-sufficient and drive their own development.



Geographic Focus

Partner with us. We prioritize vulnerable populations in countries where the need is great and the environment allows for successful outcomes. Working together is the way forward. At Synergee, we are one, relying on solid relationships with mission-aligned developers, investors and service providers to deliver innovation that changes lives. 

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