Synergee and ICC Collaborate to Empower & Feed Sierra Leone

Feed Salone

Energizing Rural Sierra Leone

Energizing Rural Sierra Leone is a four-phase program in collaboration with the ICC for the Feed Salone campaign. Our mission is to provide clean electricity to rural communities in Sierra Leone, including the installation of cutting-edge solar power systems and essential infrastructure development. 

By prioritizing the needs of these communities, we aim to empower residents, and drive positive change, fostering holistic development and economic growth in the region.

Empowering Sierra Leone with Solar Energy - Feed Salone

Synergee's contribution to the Feed Salone campaign, a collaboration with the ICC to transform the lives of communities in Sierra Leone. While the ICC focuses on training youth for farming, Synergee is committed to raising funds to bring clean and sustainable energy to the heart of this initiative. Our mission is clear: to train, build, and manage community solar systems across four expansive farmsteads, each spanning 500 acres, with approximately 200 residents in each area.

Bringing Light to Farmsteads and Beyond

At Synergee, we understand the transformative power of renewable energy. Our goal is to electrify the villages surrounding these farmsteads, enhancing the quality of life for hundreds of people. We believe that access to clean electricity is not just a luxury; it's a fundamental right that can open doors to healthy groceries and food security, child care, education, healthcare, and economic prosperity.

Solar System Capacity

Our commitment to sustainability and empowerment is evident in the solar capacity we plan to install in each farmstead:

  1. Farmstead A: With a cutting-edge solar array, we will generate up to 80 kW of clean energy, lighting up the lives of residents and powering essential facilities.
  2. Farmstead B: Our solar infrastructure will harness 45 kW of sunlight, bringing hope and opportunity to this thriving agricultural community.
  3. Farmstead C: A 75 kW solar system will be the heart of this farmstead, ensuring a brighter future for its residents.
  4. Farmstead D: We aim to generate 80 kW of electricity, powering homes, schools, and healthcare centers in this dynamic region.

Your Support Matters

To make this vision a reality, we need your support. By contributing to Synergee's fundraising efforts, you become a vital part of our mission to electrify these farmsteads and uplift the communities they serve. Your donation will go directly towards the installation and maintenance of these solar systems, ensuring their long-term sustainability.

Join Us in Making a Difference

The Feed Salone campaign is not just about providing food; it's about creating lasting change. Together with the ICC, Synergee is dedicated to building a brighter, more sustainable future for Sierra Leone. Your support can make all the difference. Join us in this remarkable journey towards empowerment, clean energy, and a brighter tomorrow for Sierra Leone's communities.

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